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The Dragonrider Chronicles

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Jaevid Broadfeather is the last person anyone would pick to be a hero. But he might just be the only person capable of riding a wild dragon and putting an end to a brutal war between the human Kingdom of Maldobar and the mysterious Gray Elves of Luntharda. It's an adventure riddled with secrets, magic, and dragonfire!

The Dragonrider Legacy

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It's been 40 years of peace since the ending of the Gray War that nearly tore Maldobar apart. But that peace may be fractured when the ominous Tibran Empire lands on Maldobar's shores with intent of invasion. All hope rests with one human boy cursed with dark and dangerous magic and a grim legacy that calls past heroes back from the grave.

The Dragonrider Heritage

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Victory against the invading force known as the Tibran Empire has come at a steep price, leaving most of the Kingdom of Maldobar in utter ruin. But is the threat really gone? A ragtag band of warriors, assassins, and royals in disguise assemble to hunt down notorious Tibran villains still at large in their kingdom ... and the world beyond.

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When New York City faces the threat of colossal beasts from another dimension, geeky high schooler Koji Owens must use embrace his destiny and use a magical bracelet to transform into a monster-slaying dragon superhero. Scales on!

The Mad Magic Saga

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When 17-year-old Josie Barton suddenly finds herself the primary target in a battle between powerful faeries, she must hone her craft as an aspiring sorceress or lose the man she loves to a deadly curse. A world of dangerous magic awaits!

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Imprisoned in a crumbling mansion, a ballerina's only hope for escape is the medically discharged soldier bound in silence. She needs a hero. He needs someone to believe in him. In this breath-taking, modern retelling of Rapunzel, love sets captured hearts free.

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